"Build the Future"

Look beyond the boundaries…
What do we all really want & wish, for us & our World?
Peace, Respect, Fairness, Wealth, Health, Joy, Happiness & Love… And over All a Balance Impact between Humankind & Nature for our planet.
This is the Vision of a Better World for all of us.
I believe in the strong power & ability of each people to make a difference by their individual impact and improve the World we are living in, and make it a better Place for all Beings.
TAL World is now acting locally & intuitively by developping a few different projects enabling new ways of travelling respectfull & sustainable to all Beings & our Earth.​​​​​​​
One Project for example is to create a new & different way of discovering Switzerland by stopping in Local, Authentic and Unique places some where lost in the Nature for a few nights. We would set up the whole accommodation & organize food & beverage for you. In these unique places you will be invited to discover & interact with local people by experiencing their craft or activities, and by learning their ancestral know-how. Each Tour will be individualy tailor made for your entire trip through Switzerland, depending on which Highlights you wish to live.
For more information, please contact me directly
To be able to set up & get these projects started, every donation would be very appreciated and help them evolve & become a reality faster 
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